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Additions and Corrections

To simplify tracking of changes in the Guide, I will publish all additions and corrections in the following table. Thus, you can find here what has been changed since your last visit of the Guide.


Place Description of change
January 12th, 2010 Implementations links to Prolog4J and jTrolog systems were added
April 27th, 2009   the guide can be distributed under Creative Commons lincense Creative Commons License
December 9th, 2002 Implementations link to Poplog system was added
October 3rd, 2002 Implementations link to JIProlog system was added
September 30th, 2000 Genealogy Database the order of attributes in full_siblings procedures was corrected
July 12th, 2000 Implementations link to CKI Prolog system was added
June 14th, 2000 Representing Data Structures test correct_day was extended to cover February in regular (non-leap) years
May 24th, 2000 Data Flow and Recursion delete2 was corrected
May 3rd, 2000 Data Flow and Recursion hv and hv2 procedures were extended to work with lists of odd length
May 2nd, 2000 Sorting merge sort was corrected
  Data Flow and Recursion syntax error in the "odd" procedure was corrected
March 29th, 2000 Implementations link to a free system GNU Prolog was added
  Representing Data Structures procedure "tomorrow" was corrected
January 18th, 2000 Implementations links to new free Prolog systems were added (Strawberry Prolog, XSB)
December 8th, 1999 Implementations link to a freeware version of Visual Prolog was added and the link to Visual Prolog site was updated
December 6th, 1999 Implementations link to a commercial system Trinc-Prolog was added
October 18th, 1999 Home page PDF file available from external source
  Implementations link to a free system BProlog was added
September 27th, 1999 How does it work? explanation of "is" predicate corrected
March 22nd, 1999 Top Down vs Bottom Up new chapter was added
January 20th, 1999 Representing Data Structures program correct_day was clarified
November 11th, 1998 Courses on CD-ROM preliminary annoucement of CD-ROM version of the Guide
  Recursion in Detail new chapter was added
October 5th, 1998 Resources new books and web links were added
  Implementations link to the MINERVA system was added
September 28th, 1998 Second Edition of the On-line Guide to Prolog Programming was published.

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