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Welcome to On-line Guide to Prolog Programming designed and maintained by Roman Barták. I opened this site as a contribution to evolving area of logic programming languages and PROLOG in particular. I intend it to be an introduction to logic programming and PROLOG for beginners but I also expect to cover some advanced topics. It's not meant as an unclassified collection of links to other pages although I also include some interesting links here.

This is a second edition of former Interactive Prolog Guide that brings new design and better organization of chapters. It is also more "interactive" as I include Test Zone where you can try and test your Prolog programs interactively within your Java-capable web browser. Finally, I expect to add some chapters on advanced topics you asked me for. I still investigate the possibility to provide the Guide as a file to download but I have not decided yet.

If you want to know more about the author of the site, you are welcomed to my Home Page. Also, your comments, suggestions and corrections are highly appreciated.

So, where should you go from there?

Table of Contents
Are you new to the guide or just want to refresh some knowledge? Then start at Table of contents page.

Additions and Corrections
Old visitor (not by age but by the time of your last visit ;-)? Then the page Additions and Corrections tracking the changes in the guide is for you.

Test Zone
Do you want to test some Prolog programs immediately within your web browser? Then go directly to the Test Zone where a free prolog implementation in Java is available.

Author's Home Page
Do you want to know more about the author of this site? Then visit my Web Site where some other Prolog programs are also available.

Interactive Prolog Guide (first edition)
If you prefer the structure of the original Interactive Prolog Guide, it is still available (at least for sometime)

CD-ROM Courses
If you are interested in obtaining Prolog Guide on CD-ROM then visit this page and fill in the form.

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Designed and maintained by Roman Barták

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The Web server and Internet connection for this site is kindly provided by Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Prague. I really appreciate all additional supporters.

I am also grateful for all encouraging e-mails sent to me during the development of the Guide. I appreciate all e-mails expressing your opinion, comments, suggestions, corrections and wishes about the Guide.

The address of this site is http://kti.mff.cuni.cz/~bartak/prolog/.

Designed and maintained by Roman Barták

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