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Last update: September 8th, 1998

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This page contains a collection of resources related to Prolog and logic programming. I intend to update this page continuously as well as to add annotations to each reference so that you will be more informed about it before "surfing".

Contributions to this page are very welcomed.

Printed publications

The WAM: A (Real) Tutorial
Ait-Kaci Hassan, Report Number 5, Digital, Paris Research Laboratory, 1990
An introduction to the Warren Abstract Machine
From Logic Programming to Prolog
Apt K.R, Prentice Hall, 1997
Unique publication describing foundations of logic programming and Prolog programming at the same text
PROLOG Programming for Artificial Intelligence
Bratko I., Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, 1990 (second edition; third edition to appear in 2000)
Programming in Prolog
Clocksin W.F. & Mellish C.S., Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1986
A good introduction to programming in PROLOG
Prolog: The Standard
Deransart P., Ed-Dbali A., Cervoni L., Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1981
ISO Standard of PROLOG
Giannesini F. et al., Addison-Wesley, Berlin, 1986
Logic for Problem Solving
Kowalski R., Elsevier North Holland, New York, 1979
Foundations of Logic Programming
Lloyd J.W., Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1984
Logic programming is a theory behind the PROLOG. You can find introduction to this topics here.
The Craft of Prolog
O'Keefe R.A., MIT Press, 1990
Another popular book on advanced PROLOG programming
The Art of Prolog
Sterling L. & Shapiro E., The MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1986
A nice book covers advanced PROLOG programming techniques.


Journal of Logic Programming
This journal covers topics from logic programming in general and, of course, it also contains many papers about programming in PROLOG.
Journal of Functional and Logic Programming
Electronically published scholarly journal that focuses on the integration of the functional and the logic paradigms as well as their common foundations.
Published by: The MIT Press
Journal of Artificial Intelligence
PROLOG and LISP are two widely used programming languages in Artificial Intelligence so you can find interesting papers on PROLOG in this journal too.


International Conference on Logic Programming (ICLP)
the main conference on logic programming and PROLOG
Actual conference: ICLP99, November 29 - December 4, 1999, Las Cruces, USA
The Practical Application of Constraint Technologies and Logic Programming (PACLP)
the combined conference showcasing the potential business solutions that Constraint technologies and Logic Programming can provide in key commercial areas
organized by
the Practical Application Company
Actual conference: PACLP99, April 19-21, 1999, London, UK
International Conference on Applications of Prolog (INAP)
the conference provides a forum for researchers and practitioners working on practical Prolog applications
Actual conference:
INAP98, September 14-16, 1998, Tokyo, Japan
Logic Programs Transformations (LOPSTR)
the conference on transforming logic programs

Web Links 

Logic Programming Library
Huge amount of info about logic programming and PROLOG but it is hard to browse it.
Prolog Resource Guide
FAQs and list of Prolog implementations
Prolog at the Practical Application Company
The language, organizations, systems and conferences.
Prolog at Cetus-Links
One page introduction to Prolog with a well organized list of links.
DB & LP Systems
Bibliography of conferences, journals, series and books on logic programming.
A nice and orderly index of "everything" about PROLOG.
A Guided Tour of Bratko
A course based on Bratko's textbook: PROLOG Programming for Artificial Intelligence.
Learn Prolog Now!
Self-contained on-line course on Prolog.

Association for Logic Programming
Association of people interested in logic programming and Prolog. The Association sponsors workshops and other meetings related to logic programming.
You can find sources on Inductive Logic Programming in this site.
Compulog Net
The European Network of Excellence in Computational Logic.


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